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Closure of Zschokke House for the summer season 2023
from 1 May to 31 October

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the Zschokke House

Recreation – Education – Exercise

The Zschokke House is located on Gerschni Alp at the foot of Mt. Titlis, right in the beautiful skiing and hiking resort of Engelberg (1262 m / 4140 ft). The place is remote from the usual tourist bustle, yet there is quick access to the Gerschni Alp cable car nearby. This makes the Zschokke House an ideal point of departure for various activities. Education, recreation and outdoor exercise can all be enjoyed here.

Gracia Formela

Heinz Gubitzer will be the new host at the Zschokke House from December 2022. He has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and will welcome you to the Gerschnialp - be it as a study group, a sports camp, a vacation stay or on the occasion of a family or anniversary celebration.

The Zschokke House is very easy to reach by public transport (Directions). It can accommodate groups of up to 42 people. The renovated bedrooms and washrooms meet modern standards (House).


The cosy chalet with its technical facilities (internet access, wlan, projector, screen, etc.) is perfectly suited for seminars, presentations and other educational events. The common room can be used as a seminar room. All in all, an ideal place for weekend seminars, workshops, educational purposes, culture - for younger and older generations alike.

Recreation and Exercise

Relax and unwind during a beautiful hiking tour with fantastic scenery, fresh alpine air, warm sunbaths, crackling campfires and much more. Eat good food, and enjoy a sound refreshing sleep in a calm atmosphere.
Sports enthusiasts can use the house as a starting point for different winter sports as well as for popular and fancy summer sports. The Zschokke House is ideally suited for mountain sports of various kinds.

Thanks to the financial support of Prof. Friedrich Zschokke, the Zschokke House was built by the "Studentenschaft Basel" in 1936. It has undergone recent refurbishments and is now under the direction of a foundation. It is open to the University of Basel. Upon request, external guests are welcome, too.

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Stiftung Zschokke-Haus
c/o Universitätssport
Petersplatz 1
CH-4001 Basel

Information and reservation:

Phone +41 61 207 30 58


Gerschnialp 2
CH-6390 Engelberg

Phone +41 638 00 21 (office)

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